Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why do nice girls chase asshole guys?

                        "Why do the good girls always want the bad boys?" No Doubt, Bathwater

Nice girls always wonder why they pursue assholes..

Nice guys always wonder why nice girls pursue assholes..

This is why.

When a guy is mean to a girl, he makes her feel bad about herself.  So, she feels this desperation to win his affection to prove to herself that she is not the piece of garbage he treated her like in the first place.
She assumes that if he treats her like garbage, she is garbage. So, if she can somehow beg, plead, manipulate, and charm her way into him not treating her like garbage, she won't be garbage.

That's pretty fucked up, right?

Here's the thing.

The asshole is not treating the girl like garbage because she's garbage.
The asshole is treating the girl like garbage because he is an asshole.

I reiterate this so much that, if you know me at all, it gets pretty fucking redundant, but.....


Don't let some asshole decided if you're garbage. It's YOUR job to decide what you are.

If you think you're garbage, don't date until you've improved your life, self-esteem, mind, accomplishments, etc. enough to where you truly believe you are awesome.

Then, when some asshole treats you like garbage, tell him to fuck off because you're awesome and he's an asshole.

Then tell him, "Sorry, asshole. We could have had fun, but you decided to be an asshole. Have fun being an asshole and spreading hatred and misery throughout the world. I'll be hanging out here.. being awesome."

Case closed.
The end! Yaaaaay!!

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